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tonight. now the sox are playing catch up just coming off two out of three down in texas and a great start tonight. going away deep in the first inning all the way to the upper deck 83 run shot for a change in the for-nothing starts. the sox are hanging around but they are down at 6-5 in the fifth. darwin makes up a three run homer 4-2 c.. anthony rizzo and there it goes again, three more. the cubs got nine runs in the inning. read johnson was taken out of the game, it looks like they got on the trading board. olympic medal board looks like this it's been a huge night for misty franklin the 17 year-old want gold. meant graver wins gold in the 100 backstroke. he did show up in boston harbor. a 64 hologram shows him diving into the water there. this is an all that newsworthy but it sure looks cool. they should do that right off of lake forest. congratulations. we invite you to stay tuned in to my investigator special coming up in a moment.
and sexual assault. he was implicated in san antonio texas. they testified against him in court during a five-day court-martial. he is among 12 instructors investigated for sexual misconduct. another six face charges in that scandal. a former lab technician is now facing charges in connection with an outbreak of hepatitis c that reportedly infected dozens of patients at a new hampshire hospital. 32-year-old david clatouseski is accused of stealing controlled substances and then switching the needles with patients. officials say that he knew that he had hepatitis c and continued to permit tainted syringings to be used on patients under his care. at least 30 people have been infected. >> don't go away >> we'll be right back. you know what i love about this country? trick question. i love everything about this country! including prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets hea
-3. atlanta are they split. and warm at the cell series finale between the texas rangers at the white sox. adrian beltre of the picture into right field to score ian kinsler is 1-0 that was the only damage the rangers could inflict on jose quintana. eight brilliant innings only two hits and eight strikeouts even better he got the victory and to kevin youkilis right field he won the game last night and won the game today. finish off the sweep and the trade is working out perfectly for everybody except maybe the red sox. >> that was a need for ross first tile enough to play first base on days like today we makes things around. prentice hall lot of intensity and to gain experience down the plan everyday what you play the game for sometimes have to take a breather but in the lineup every day good feeling just happy to be here and enjoy the ride i love this town. >> as for the all-star campaign it fell short of the texas jake peavy did not work out yu darvish edged out after a japanese voters nothing for jake peavy in kansas city but it was fun while it lasted. >> was not meant to be obviou
of kansas and even south dakota. an upper air disturbance on the coast of texas in the gulf of mexico generating some big thunderstorms. extreme southern texas they're getting much-needed rainfall. this is the area encompassed by heat advisories and excessive heat warnings. how close to the chicago area? it does fall a little bit short but it is possible we could see heat index temperatures say around 100 to 105 degrees. here's our forecast. for tonight steamy, a few early clouds. i think most of them have gone now. so mostly cloudy skies, warm and humid, low at the time -- temperature by dawn of 68 to 74. for tomorrow partly cloudy. scattered storms. look at those temperatures. 92 to 96 degrees. and tomorrow night, a few clouds early again and mostly cloudy skies. 69 to 75-degree lows. then we warm into the mid to upper 90's on monday. there is a chance of thunderstorms once again. widely scattered or ice latted thunderstorms appear to be the best probability. the storms probably will be more widespread across our area tomorrow. in a window of
on an extra meeting the white sox are back in the road in texas against the broker who rangers. rugged rangers. the game was tied 1-1 in the bottom of the first. rangers led 4-1, the sox got back in the game in the second. 4-3 at that point they run their way back. and to right field for a big base hit the sox led 5-4. it's very scary moment a pop-up and a vicious collision right there. ramirez stayed in 6-5 in the seventh inning. hall of famer ron santo honored in wrigley. 82 run blast anthony russorizzo the first. st. louis led 6-5. i mentioned the historic game, travis would give out homers in each of the first five innings. the first five innings of a ball game. a rugged day for the cubs. and especially for travis wood. their first full contact practice takes place tomorrow right in the middle of practice there was a big scare he collided with major right. one of those uneasy moments when your post gets a little stronger, devon going down in practice and he had to leave for a few minutes before getting back into the mix, it turned out to be a mild ankle sprain. >> he got up, he got back t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5